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Plugin name: utilities

The utilities plugin provides a number of useful and fun commands and utilities.


Arguments in {} are required. Arguments in [] are optional.


NameDescriptionDefault LevelUsage
!emoji {emoji}Returns information on the given emoji.Default!emoji :smiley:
!info [user]Returns information on the calling or given user.Moderator!info OR !info 520047158104424488 OR !info @HepBoat#0361
!server [guild_id]Returns information on the calling or given server.Default!server OR !server 532372609476591626
!avatar {user}Displays the given user's avatar.Default!avatar JakeyPrime
!search {query}Returns a list of usernames that match the given query string. If the result is a single user, it will return info on the given user instead.Moderator!search Alchameth
!seen {user}Returns the timestamp of when the bot last saw a message from given user in the guild.Default!seen 148359099782791168 OR !seen @JakeyPrime
!notseen [duration]Returns a list of users that the bot has not seen a message from in the given duration in the guild. Default duration is 1d. Give integer durations are parsed in days.Moderator!notseen 3 OR !notseen 3h
!announce {channel} {message}Announces a message to the given channel. Channels used must be configured in the announce section of the utilities configuration.Administrator!announce #community-news it's a me, mario!


NameDescriptionDefault LevelUsage
!r add {duration} {content} OR !remind {duration} {content}Adds a reminder. Bot will mention the user after the specified duration with the given message.Default!r add 24h update announcements OR !remind 24h update announcements
!r clearClears all of the calling user's reminders.Default!r clear


NameDescriptionDefault LevelUsage
!cat OR !kitty OR !kitteh OR !cattoReturns a random image of a cat.Default!cat
!dog OR !doggo OR !pupper OR !doggyReturns a random image of a dog.Default!dog
!shibeReturns a random image of a Shiba Inu dog.Default!shibe
!bunny OR !rabbit OR !wabbit OR !bunnerzReturns a random image of a bunny.Default!bunny
!bird OR !birbReturns a random image of a bird.Default!birb
!duck OR !quackReturns a random image of a duck.Default!duck
!foxReturns a random image of a fox.Default!fox
!floofReturns a random image of a cat, dog, bird, bunny, or fox.Default!floof
!jumbo {emojis}Returns 128x128px images of the given emojiDefault!jumbo :cat: :dog: :rabbit:
!random coinFlips a coin and returns the resultDefault!random coin
!random number [end number] [start number]Returns a random number from 0-10 or in a range if specifiedDefault!random number OR !random number 50 20

Configuration Options

announceMapping of channel IDs to announce configurations.dictempty
auto_cleanAug 6, 2019: Currently disabled. Mapping of channel IDs to autoclean configurations.dictempty
channelsMapping of channel names or IDs to channel filtering configurations.dictempty

Announce Configuration

webhook_idID of webhook to post to.strempty
webhook_colorColor of webhook embed.int0x000000
webhook_nameUsername for webhook.strGuild name
webhook_avatarAvatar URL for the webhook.strempty

Autoclean Configuration


Jan 10, 2021: This will be included in the rewrite.

timeoutSeconds to wait before deletingintempty

Channel Filtering Configuration


The censor plugin and infractions plugin must be enabled in conjunction in order to use this feature.

allow_imagesWhether to allow image uploads to the channel.booltrue
allow_misc_filesWhether to allow non-image uploads to the channel.booltrue
need_captionWhether to require captions on image/file uploads.boolfalse
allow_textWhether to allow plain text messages to the channel.booltrue
whitelist_text_regexA whitelisting regex that is run on the text content of every message in the channel.strempty
role_whitelistA list of role IDs that will not have messages run through the filter.list(snowflake)empty
warn_on_censorWhether to automatically warn a user when their message is censored.boolfalse
mute_violationsEnable ability to mute a user after a set number of violations in the channel.boolfalse
mute_violations_countNumber of violations that can be accrued in the channel in mute_violations_interval before muting.int3
mute_violations_intervalSeconds within which a user with over mute_violations_count violations in the channel will trigger a mute.int10
mute_violations_durationSeconds to mute a user with sufficient violations in the channel.int300
pinned_messagePin a message at the bottom of the channel. Messages will only be re-pinned after at least 10 minutes have passed.strempty
pinned_message_intervalMinutes to wait before pinning the message again. Minimum is 10 minutes.int10

Whitelisting regex examples

To only allow messages that contain the phrase bunny somewhere:

whitelist_text_regex: 'bunny'

To only allow single custom emote messages:

whitelist_text_regex: '^<a?:w+:[0-9]+>$'

To only allow messages consisting only of custom emotes and whitespace:

whitelist_text_regex: '^(s*<a?:w+:[0-9]+>s*)+$'

Reaction Role Configuration

The reaction role configuration was removed due to high load on the bot. However, if you would still like to use reaction roles, our dedicated bot Zira is an amazing choice with rich features and fast responsiveness. Join the Team Hydra Discord Server to learn more.

Configuration Example

webhook_id: 304958304934209534
webhook_color: 0x7289DA
webhook_name: HepBoat
timeout: 3600
allow_images: false
allow_text: true
warn_on_censor: true
mute_violations: true
mute_violations_count: 2
mute_violations_duration: 5
pinned_message: |-
-- owo --
mute_role: 579398816072073246
censor: {}

Info Badges

The following are a list of badges in the info command with explanations.

HepBoat Staff

Global AdminHepBoat Global AdministratorFor HepBoat global administrators.
DeveloperHepBoat DeveloperFor HepBoat code developers.
Server AdministratorHepBoat Server AdministratorFor administrators on the support server.
Server ModeratorHepBoat Server ModeratorFor moderators on the support server.
Support GodHepBoat Support GodFor support staff on the support server.
Support TeamHepboat Support TeamFor support staff on the support server.

HepBoat Supporter

HepBoat SupporterSupported HepBoat at any time
Donor 1HepBoat Supporter Tier 1Donate $10 - $19
Donor 2HepBoat Supporter Tier 2Donate $20 - $39
Donor 3HepBoat Supporter Tier 3Donate $40 - $59
Donor 4HepBoat Supporter Tier 4Donate $60 - $79
Donor 5HepBoat Supporter Tier 5Donate $80 - $99
SponsorHepBoat Sponsor & Absolute Wonderful PersonDonate $100+
HepBoat Volunteer HelperFor users that volunteer to help with HepBoat development.
HepBoat Volunteer Guru


Redditr/DiscordApp Official Reddit ModModerator on r/discordapp, not necessarily Discord staff or Hepboat staff.
Design TeamHepBoat Design TeamFor designers and artists in Team Hydra.
Nitro BoosterTeam Hydra Nitro BoosterFor users that have boosted the support guild.
PartnerTeam Hydra PartnerFor partners with Team Hydra.
Zira PremiumZira PremiumFor premium users of the Zira bot.
Verified HepBoat Server OwnerAutomatically given to owners of servers with HepBoat.
Verified HepBoat UserAutomatically given to users in the web section of any HepBoat configuration file.
HepBoat Beta TesterAutomatically given to users in the web section of any HepBoat Beta configuration file.