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Getting Started With HepBoat


Documentation might still be a little outdated! If you find any broken links, please let us know in our bug tracker.

Hey there, thanks for checking out HepBoat.

This site will show you the ropes on how to get started with HepBoat, and this page will serve as a central check-in to direct you to certain parts of this site depending on how comfortable you are with Rowboat in the past or HepBoat.

Below are certain "experience levels" that will show you which page to start at to learn the ropes of the bot.

I don't have the bot yet!

No problem! Check out What is HepBoat for basic details on what the bot can do and the Setting Up HepBoat page for details on server criteria.

In order to start using the bot, you will need to first submit a whitelist application for your Discord server. Please be sure to read the #hepboat-info channel on the support server to find the current minimum whitelist requirements. If you do not currently meet the minimum requirements, you may also purchase access at our store.

Temporary Warning

Whitelist applications are currently on hold. If you would like to get a GUARANTEED whitelist, you may purchase it by going to our store.

If your server has not been whitelisted and you try to invite the bot, it will automatically leave your server and send the owner a message about how to get it whitelisted, do not keep inviting the bot after it leaves.

I've been whitelisted; what do I do now?

If your whitelist application has been accepted, you can invite the bot to your discord server and get it set up. You can click here to invite the bot. More information on how to set the bot up can be found in Setting Up HepBoat.

I have the bot; how do I set it up?

Thanks for adding the bot! You will want to start with the Setting Up HepBoat page, and check out the sample config at the bottom of the page. This will show you the basics on how to start using the configuration tool in the dashboard. You can reach the dashboard at

I've worked with YAML before and know what to do!

Perfect! Then you can probably fast forward to the General Configuration and continue from there. This will show you how to start enabling features of the bot and get it working in your server! Once you're done, you can now skip to the finer controls and enabling other plugins. You can view the plugins documentation here.

I've used Rowboat before and know what I'm doing!

In that case, you're free to cruise through the docs at your own speed. Learn how to add the bot and access the dashboard with the Setting Up HepBoat guide.

I'm staff on a server with your bot.

No worries, you can see an overview list of all staff commands at Moderator Quick-Reference, and if your server admins/owner have granted you dashboard access, you can login at to view or edit your server configuration.