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Moderator Quick Reference


NameDescriptionDefault LevelUsage
!warn {user} [reason]Adds a warning infraction to a userModerator!warn 232921983317180416 1st warning, spamming emoji OR !warn @rowboat#0001 2nd warning, going off-topic
!mute {user} [reason]Mutes a user. This will only work if mute_role is set in the configModerator!mute 232921983317180416 spamming OR !tempmute @rowboat#0001 60m spamming
!unmute {user}Unmutes a userModerator!unmute 232921983317180416
!tempmute {user} {duration} [reason]Temporarily mutes a user. Will only work if temp_mute_role or mute_role is set in the configModerator!tempmute 232921983317180416 30m spamming OR !tempmute @rowboat#0001 30m spamming
!kick {user} [reason]Kicks the user from the serverModerator!kick 232921983317180416 spamming OR !kick @rowboat#0001 spamming
!ban {user} [reason]Bans a user from the serverModerator!ban 232921983317180416 spamming OR !ban @rowboat#0001 spamming
!unban {user} [reason]Unbans a userModerator!unban 232921983317180416
!softban {user} [reason]Softbans (bans/unbans) a user and deletes the user's messages sent within the last 7 daysModerator!softban 232921983317180416 spamming OR !softban @rowboat#0001 spamming
!tempban {user} {duration} [reason]Temporarily bans a userModerator!tempban 232921983317180416 5h spamming OR !tempban @rowboat#0001 5h spamming

Admin Utilities

NameDescriptionDefault LevelUsage
!clean all [count]Cleans (deletes) [count] many messages in the current channelModerator!clean all 20
!clean user {user} [count]Cleans [count] many messages a given user sent in the current channelModerator!clean user 232921983317180416 50
!clean bots [count]Cleans [count] many messages sent by bots in the current channelModerator!clean bots 30
!clean cancelCancels any cleaning process running in current channelModerator!clean cancel
!reactions clean {user} [count] [emoji]Removes the most recent count of reactions from a given userModerator!reactions clean 232921983317180416 OR !reactions clean @rowboat#0001 30 OR !reactions clean 232921983317180416 20 :thinking:
!archive (here / all) [count]Archives [count] many messages in the current channelAdministrator!archive all 50 OR !archive here 50
!archive user {user} [count]Archives [count] many messages that a given user sent in the current guildAdministrator!archive user 232921983317180416 100 OR !archive user @rowboat#0001 100
!archive channel {channel} [count]Archives [count] many messages in the given channelAdministrator!archive channel 289482554250100736 20
!search {query}Searches for usernames that match given queryDefault!search b1nzy
!role add {user} {role} [reason]Adds a role to a userModerator!role add 232921983317180416 Moderator Promotion from Member OR !role add rowboat#0001 Admin Pretty good Moderator
!role remove {user} {role} [reason]Removes a role from a userModerator!role remove 232921983317180416 Administrator Demoted for being bad at job OR !role remove rowboat#0001 Mod Terrible moderator
!r add {duration} {content} OR !remind {duration} {content}Adds a reminder. Bot will mention the user after the specified duration with the given messageDefault!r add 24h update announcements OR !remind 24h update announcements
!r clearClears all of the user's remindersDefault!r clear
!voice log {user}Displays a list of a given user's recent voice channel activityModerator!voice log 232921983317180416 OR !voice log @rowboat#0001


NameDescriptionDefault LevelUsage
!inf search {query}Searches infractions database for given queryModerator!infractions search 232921983317180416 OR !infractions search rowboat#0001 OR !infractions search spamming
!inf info {inf#}Presents information on the given infractionModerator!inf info 1274
!inf duration {inf#} {duration}Updates the duration of the given infraction. Duration starts from time of initial actionModerator!inf duration 1274 5h
!inf reason {inf#} {reason}Updates the reason of a given infractionModerator!inf reason 1274 rude behaviour towards staff
!inf delete {inf#} {reason}Delete an infractionAdmin!inf delete 1274


NameDescriptionDefault LevelUsage
!stars block {user}Prevents the user from starring any messages and prevents their messages from being starredModerator!stars block @rowboat#0001 OR !stars block 232921983317180416
!stars unblock {user}Unblocks a user from the starboardModerator!stars unblock @rowboat#0001 OR !stars unblock 232921983317180416
!stars hide {mid}Hides a starred message from the starboardModerator!stars hide 320312743842545664
!stars unhide {mid}Unhides a hidden messageModerator!stars unhide 320312743842545664
!stars lockPrevents any new starred messages from being posted to the starboardAdministrator!stars lock
!stars unlockEnables starred messages to be postedAdministrator!stars unlock