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  • Migrated documentation once again!
  • Changelogs have been moved to a new page.

  • Migrated documentation!

  • This blog will be retired with the addition to a new documentation platform coming soon, and the graduation to HepBoat Prime and HepBoat Server 2.0 Please see version 4.0.3.

  • Added pinned_message_interval option for pinned messages in the utilities plugin.
  • Added disable_note_prompt flag in infractions plugin to disable the default note search prompt after an inf search.
  • Autoclean and Reddit and Twitch plugins are temporarily disabled until the bot is more stable from growing pains.
  • General bug fixes.

  • You can now support HepBoat on Patreon at! Available perks include premium whitelisting and more. Please read version 4.0.2.
  • Added commands noroles show and noroles purge in the admin plugin.
  • Added more sources for cat and dog pictures. Added commands for shibe, fox, and bird in the utilities plugin.
  • Added 'ml' infraction identifier for "my last" infraction when using inf duration.
  • Added notify_role for mod feed posts in the Reddit plugin.
  • Added the ability to pin a single message at the bottom of channels in the utilities plugin.
  • General bug fixes.

  • Added ability to announce role additions and removals in the admin plugin.
  • Added infraction details during confirmation when using inf delete.
  • Rewrote the AutoLevel plugin. Voice points are now assigned based on seconds_per_point setting rather than only per minute.
  • Added command alevel reset to autolevel plugin. alevel take now also accepts all as a value.
  • Infractions for spam violations include the label trigger in the reason.
  • General bug fixes.

  • Added ability to set infractions silently without dm, with forced dm, and with anonymous forced dm in the infraction plugin.
  • Added ability to set delayed auto roles on join in the admin plugin.
  • Added an anti-hoist nickname censor in censor plugin.
  • Added ability to set kick, tempban, and ban as antiraid actions instead of only assigning a raid role in the censor plugin.
  • Added 'ml' infraction identifier for "my last" infraction when using inf reason.
  • mention command will now prepend a {role} to your message if the token is not found.
  • Custom commands can be called with !cc run {cmd_name} as a backup.
  • Long-form tags show commands also accept user and channels as arguments now as a backup.
  • Added exclude_roles as an option for command lockdowns.
  • Custom role assignment commands now accept multiple roles separated by a space. e.g. addgroup rabbit cat dog
  • Added role list and webconfig show commands in the admin plugin.
  • Temporary role expirations now use MEMBER_TEMPROLE_EXPIRE mod logs instead of MEMBER_TEMPMUTE_EXPIRE.
  • Blacklisted nicknames now give a detailed reason in CHANGE_NICK_BLOCKED mod logs.
  • Verified HepBoat Server Owner and HepBoat Tester roles in the support server are now assigned automatically on config updates.
  • Infractions from any Rowboat clone can now be imported to HepBoat. Contact staff in the support server for assistance.
  • General bug fixes.

  • Added ability to set server timezone in the commands plugin to localize any timestamps in command outputs.
  • Added strict channel filter configurations in the utilities plugin. e.g. set image-only or text-only channels.
  • Added notseen command in utilities plugin.
  • Users that spam the bot with DMs will now be banned from the support guild.
  • !roles adds a [M] in output if the role is currently mentionable.
  • Added unmute as an option in custom commands.
  • Added {emoji}, {duration}, and {expire_time} tokens for custom temporary infraction notifies.
  • General bug fixes.

  • Fixed MEMBER_ROLE_REMOVE action name in modlog documentation.
  • Added BOT_DEBUG action to modlog plugin to log command failure reasons.
  • Added role spray, role nuke, and role cancel commands to admin plugin.
  • Users that DM HepBoat with an invite link will now collect infractions.
  • Listen-type custom commands can now be configured in lockdown in the commands plugin.
  • Anti-raid notify role now properly notifies in pretty mode modlogs.
  • Rewrote custom commands plugin documentation and fixed custom commands.
  • Fixed filter_invites and filter_domains in censor plugin to filter everything by default if neither whitelists or blacklists are set.
  • Fixed looping blocked nickname bug in censor plugin.
  • General bug fixes.