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HepBoat Onboarding

Welcome to HepBoat!


If you have any questions, you are always welcome to join our support server and ask either in #other-support, or the #hepboat-users channel if you have access.

Thank you for choosing HepBoat as your main moderation bot. We can't wait to get you started!

This page will serve as an onboarding guide for all moderation staff moving to HepBoat, and contains the most used commands for day-to-day moderation.


This guide assumes that your server's prefix is !. If you are not sure, please ask your server administrators.

All commands will have {} as required arguments, and [] being optional. When a user is required, it can either be an @mention, or a user ID.

Gathering Information

You may want to get information about a user, whether it be general information such as roles, or their previous punishments.

!info {user}Get general information about a user!info 194151269399527425
!inf search {user}Get a user's infraction history!inf search 194151269399527425

Running !inf search {user} will also allow you to search for notes left by other staff members. Click the green checkmark reaction when it asks.


Notes are useful in case you want to track a user, letting other staff know about certain incidents without the user being aware.

!note add {user} {note}Add a note to a user!note add 194151269399527425 Furry
!note info {inf#}Get information about a note!note info 214807
!note delete {inf#}Delete a note from a user!note delete 214807

Punishing Users

These commands will be the most used for moderation, and are usually easily memorized.

!ban {user} [reason]Ban a user from the server!ban 194151269399527425 Bad actor
!tempban {user} {time} [reason]Ban a user from the server for a set amount of time!tempban 194151269399527425 1h Go away
!softban {user} [reason]Kick, and remove messages from the specified user!softban 194151269399527425 Toxic
!kick {user} [reason]Kick a user out of the guild!kick 194151269399527425 Get good
!mute {user} [reason]Mute a user to keep them from speaking!mute 194151269399527425 Advertising
!tempmute {user} {time} [reason]Mute a user for a set amount of time!tempmute 194151269399527425 1h Shut
!warn {user} [reason]Warn a user!warn 194151269399527425 Please stop spamming

Fixing Typos or Errors

Everyone makes mistakes. If you make a typo in a ban reason, you are able to fix it.

!inf reason {inf#} {reason}Change a user's infraction reason!inf reason 69420 Please stop spamming
!inf delete {inf#}Delete an infraction!inf delete 69420

You are unable to change the reason on other moderator's infractions (unless you have administrative permissions), so please let them know if they make a mistake. !inf delete {inf#} is usually reserved for server administrators, so if needed please contact them for assistance.

Removing Punishments

If a user appeals a punishment (or it's made in error), you can remove it by using these commands.

!unban {user} [reason]Unban a user from the server!unban 194151269399527425 Appealed
!unmute {user} [reason]Unmute a user and let them speak again!unmute 194151269399527425 Appealed