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What Is HepBoat?

HepBoat is a fork of b1nzy's Rowboat, a utilitarian and administration assistant for Discord. It is a bot that was built to be highly configurable and allow server admins to modify functionality based on the requirements of individual servers.

The freely-hosted HepBoat is private and closed-source. It is only added on high-traffic servers. Rowboat is open-source with public code but does not work out-of-the-box.

Use Cases:

Multiple Mod Logs

Admins are able to split and categorize logs into various channels and reduce noise without sacrificing logging.

Spam Prevention

By turning on spam prevention, HepBoat takes a huge burden off moderators and ensures the server is safe even when nobody is watching. With its high level of configurability, it is able to ensure a level of security which does not impact normal chat but catches bad actors quickly and efficiently.


By enabling HepBoat's advanced censor plugin, you can choose from a wide array of options to filter certain types of malicious and offensive content, such as invite links, domains, and inappropriate or offensive words. When combined with the spam plugin, it is a very capable automated moderation system.

User Testimonials

Looney - Events and Community for Discord

Rowboat has allowed us to efficiently scale the moderation teams of our large public and private community servers, without placing extra burden on our volunteer moderators or sacrificing auditability.


  • Administration
    • User persistence (restore roles, nicknames, and voice settings when users leave and rejoin)
    • Clean and archive chats
    • Set chat slowmode and mute
    • Granular role management (add/remove roles from users, enable/disable mention ability on roles)
    • Delayed autojoin roles and role announce messages
    • Detailed role tracking and information
    • Send HepBoat messages to channels that will temporarily mention a currently unmentionable role
    • Invite pruning
    • Reactions pruning
    • Change nicknames of users by command
    • Voice activity log
  • Infractions
    • Warn, kick, ban, and mute users permanently and temporarily
    • Manage and track infractions and reasons based on user and moderator
    • Configure infraction DM settings by config or command
    • A report command that will notify a moderator role of a moderation issue
    • Assign temporary roles or add notes to users
  • Spam
    • Highly configurable spam thresholds which can help block:
      • Message spam
      • Mention spam
      • Link spam
      • Emoji spam
      • Newline/large message spam
      • Attachment/upload spam
      • Duplicated message spam / raids
      • Uppercase letter spam
    • Per-rule and global punishment configurations
    • Auto-cleaning of messages based on rules
    • Ability to whitelist channels per spam type or per server
  • Censor
    • Zalgo prevention
    • Whitelisting of invites based on vanity url or destination server
    • Whitelisting of URLs and domains
    • Filtering of words and tokens (even on attachment names!)
    • Ability to whitelist channels from zalgo, invite, domain, character limit filters
    • Level based configuration granularity
    • User nickname filtering based on blocked words, anti hoist prefix, or zalgo
    • Automated mute based on word censoring
    • Raid prevention that can assign roles, kick, tempban, or ban upon trigger
    • User, role, and channel mention prevention
  • Mod Log
    • Granular logging of events
    • Support for multiple channels
    • Ability to include exact timestamps in specific timezone (in plain text mode)
    • Ignore actions of specific users
    • Ignore actions in specific channels (helpful for moderation-only channels)
    • Highlighting newly created accounts on join
    • Support for automatic batching during high-throughput periods (user purges, raids, cleans, etc) that prevents log messages from backing up
    • Support for either fully customized moderation log format or embedded format
  • Tags
    • Create custom responses that respond to a customized command name
    • Ability to restrict tag usage and creation to user level, role, or channel
  • Utilities
    • Long-term persistent reminders
    • Lock down channels to image-only or text-only
    • Random number and coin generation
    • User information, including last seen time
    • Generate a list of users that have not been seen in a given duration
    • Server, user, avatar, emoji information
    • User search
    • Announcement function
    • Auto-clean timed function for channel
    • Cat, dog, bunny, and duck images!
  • Custom Commands
    • Creation of power custom commands upon manual trigger or certain strings and commands
    • Custom commands can be a simple message or emoji response to a chain of commands
    • Ability to lock commands to a certain role or channel
  • AutoLevels
    • Whitelist channels for points to be awarded
    • Whitelist roles for points to be awarded
    • Ability to include voice chats and award points per period spent
    • Ability to customize points awarded per message and voice period
    • Ability to have multiple level systems per category with different point awards
    • Ability to set multiplier on messages, voice activity, or certain roles
    • Ability to add a weight to messages to randomize the point range
    • Ability to award roles upon point levels reached
    • Ability to announce level ups in a channel or DMs with customizable messages
  • Reddit (Prime Only)
    • Support for multiple subreddit sources and channel destinations
    • Support for moderator feeds
    • Support for multireddit feeds
    • Ability to ping role per post
  • Starboard
    • Highly configurable
    • In-depth stats and leaderboard
    • Ability to entirely block users from starboard
    • Ability to lock/unlock starboard on-demand
  • Twitch Notifications (Prime Only)
    • Custom announcement messages upon stream start
    • Configure role mentions in announcements
    • Add a role to the streaming user
    • Ignore a certain roles or users
    • Filter announced streams based on stream title
    • Filter announced streams based on streamed game
    • Support for multiple announcement channels and streams.