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Moderation Logs

Plugin name: modlog

The modlog plugin provides a mechanism for logging various events and actions to one or more channels. The intention of the modlog is to provide a private feed of server events that administrators and moderators can use to better monitor and audit users actions. The modlog is extremely configurable and thus fairly complex.


NameDescriptionDefault LevelUsage
!modlog hushDisables tracking of message deletes in modlog.Administrator!modlog hush
!modlog unhushRe-enables tracking of message deletes.Administrator!modlog unhush

Configuration Options

ignored_usersA list of user IDs which are ignored in the modlog. This is useful for ignoring bots that regularly delete or edit their messageslist(snowflake)empty
ignored_channelsA list of channel IDs which are ignored in the modlog. This is useful for ignoring private or high-activity channelslist(snowflake)empty
new_member_thresholdThe number of seconds an account is considered new.int900 (15 minutes)
channelsMapping of channel names or IDs to ModLog configurationsdictempty
customChange the logging format if the CUSTOM flag is on for the guild. Only available for PLAIN mode logs.dictempty

ModLog Configuration

includeList of modlog actions to include. If empty this includes all mod log actions.listempty
excludeList of modlog actions to exclude. If empty this excludes no mod log actions.listempty
modeType of log output. Options: PLAIN, PRETTY. Pretty mode uses embedded messages.strPLAIN
exclude_categoryA list of category IDs which are ignored in the modlog.list(snowflake)empty
timestampsShow timestamps with the logs in PLAIN mode.boolfalse
timezoneThe timezone that timestamps are rendered in in PLAIN mode. Supported timezonestimezoneUS/Eastern

If an action is in both include and exclude lists, the action will be excluded.


Server actions

CHANNEL_CREATEA channel is created
CHANNEL_DELETEA channel is deleted
CATEGORY_CREATEA category is created
CATEGORY_DELETEA category is deleted
GUILD_MEMBER_ADDA member joins
GUILD_ROLE_CREATEA role is created
GUILD_ROLE_DELETEA role is deleted
SLOWMODE_ONSlowmode is enabled or altered in a channel
SLOWMODE_OFFSlowmode is disabled in a channel
BOT_DEBUGA command failed

User actions

COMMAND_USEDA user uses a HepBoat command
ADD_NICKA user adds a nickname
CHANGE_NICKA user changes their nickname
CHANGE_USERNAMEA user changes their username
RMV_NICKA user removes a nickname
GUILD_MEMBER_ROLES_ADDA role is added to a user
GUILD_MEMBER_ROLES_RMVA role is removed from a user
MEMBER_RESTOREA user rejoined and had their roles/nickname/etc restored
MEMBER_ROLE_ADDA role is added to a user by command
MEMBER_ROLE_REMOVEA role is removed from a user by command
MEMBER_ADD_NICKA nickname is assigned to a user by command
MEMBER_RMV_NICKA nickname is removed from a user by command
MEMBER_CHANGE_NICKA nickname is change for a user by command
VOICE_CHANNEL_JOINA user joins a voice channel
VOICE_CHANNEL_LEAVEA user leaves a voice channel
VOICE_CHANNEL_MOVEA user moves voice channels

Message actions

MESSAGE_EDITA message is edited
MESSAGE_DELETEA message is deleted
MESSAGE_DELETE_BULKMultiple messages are deleted

Spam actions

CENSOR_DEBUGA user triggered too many censor violations
CENSOREDA user posted a message that was censored by the bot
CHANGE_NICK_BLOCKEDA nick change is blocked
SPAM_DEBUGA user triggered spam protection

Infraction actions

MEMBER_MUTEDA mute is added for a user
MEMBER_UNMUTEDA mute is removed for a user
MEMBER_HARD_MUTEDA hard mute is added for a user
MEMBER_HARD_UNMUTEDA hard mute is removed for a user
MEMBER_HARD_TEMP_MUTEDA hard temp-mute is added for a user
MEMBER_TEMP_MUTEDA temp-mute is added for a user
MEMBER_TEMPMUTE_EXPIREA temp-mute expired for a user
MEMBER_KICKA member is kicked from the guild
MEMBER_BANA ban (with a reason) is added for a user
MEMBER_SOFTBANA softban is added for a user
MEMBER_CLEANBANA cleanban is added for a user
MEMBER_TEMPBANA tempban is added for a user
MEMBER_TEMPBAN_EXPIREA tempban expired for a user
MEMBER_TEMPROLE_EXPIREA temprole expired for a user
MEMBER_WARNEDA warning is added for a user
ADD_NOTEA note added on a user
GUILD_BAN_ADDA ban is added to the guild
GUILD_BAN_REMOVEA ban is removed from the guild
RAIDPotential raid detected
RAID_MEMBERA raid action is applied to user

Configuration Example

mode: pretty
include: []
exclude: [MESSAGE_EDIT]
ignored_users: [84912325282254848]
new_member_threshold: 86400

Custom Mod Log Format

To enable custom plain mode modlogs, please contact a HepBoat Global Administrator in the support server with a compelling reason after you have set up your server.


If configured improperly, your logs may be missing and lost, and certain commands may not work.