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Plugins Overview

The bot has many modular plugins that can be enabled or disabled in parts or completely. You can view how to use and configure all of the included plugins by checking out the links below this page in the sidebar.

Any plugins that belong under the plugins: configuration need to be explicitly enabled.


The Twitch and Reddit plugins are currently disabled on the non-Prime version of HepBoat. This will be rectified in the rewrite.

  • Admin: The admin plugin provides a set of administrator commands that help in moderating active servers.
  • Autolevel: The autolevel plugin provides a guild leveling system that can also reward roles to members for participating in chat and voice.
  • Censor: The censor plugin provides administrators and moderators a simple way to filter certain types of malicious and offensive content.
  • Commands: A basic global plugin that contains settings for overall HepBoat commands and controls the usage of commands by levels, roles, and channels.
  • Custom Commands: The custom commands plugin allows guild admins a way to create custom commands that allow multiple actions to be performed when the required trigger is done.
  • Global: The global plugin in enabled by default in all HepBoat configurations with basic HepBoat information commands.
  • Infractions: The infractions plugin provides a set of useful moderator commands that should be used together with the configuration to help handle and track misbehaving users over time.
  • Moderation Logs: The modlog plugin provides a mechanism for logging various events and actions to one or more channels.
  • Reddit: The Reddit plugin provides a few various Reddit feeds including new posts on specified subreddits and different types of private moderation feeds.
  • Spam: The spam plugin allows administrators and moderators to limit spam and enforce punishments on spammers.
  • Starboard: The starboard plugin provides an ongoing board of highlighted messages through community voting.
  • Tags: The tags plugin adds the ability for HepBoat to respond with a custom message to a configured tag name.
  • Twitch: The Twitch plugin provides an advanced system to announce twitch streams within your guild.
  • Utilities: The utilities plugin provides a number of useful and fun commands and utilities.